When Style Meets Sound

The best part about what I do, is that sometimes I get the opportunity to combine my love for fashion and music in one project. Teaming up with Bershka has allowed me to do so in almost every aspect of this collaboration. Taking this on was a no brainer, only because the brand is known for targeting adventurous young people who have an aptitude for music.

Having access to the latest trends, and curating content to reflect a musical feel that complements their #BershkaMadeForMusic tag line, just felt so natural and familiar. I like to think I have a Rock-edge side to reflect my love for music, and working on this project just let me express it. Here are some images for the campaign taken in a studio, which I like to call my second home nowadays! 

All items are from the Bershka FW16 collection which are already in stores. 

Enjoy! X