Tbilisi Fashion Week

It is no doubt that Tbilisi is now one of my favorite cities in the world. From the culture, arts and fashion to their hospitality this city represents the epitome of East meets West. 

I’ve been following the work of Georgian designers for years and have always been infatuated with what they do. So I couldn’t let yet another fashion week here pass me by without getting to experience it first hand. 

The homegrown talent in Tbilisi is like no other. What was most inspiring is how hard Georgians work towards setting their goals for achievement of passion, rather than the run towards fame or glory. 

I worked rather closely with the fashion House and factory, Materiel who play a lead role in cultivating designers and providing them a platform in achieving their goals - from sketch and design process until final production and sales. They represent some of the most talented Georgian designers such as Lado Bokuchava and Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili,  who’s work embodies the new wave of modern feminine women of all ages. 

Tbilisi Fashion week was an eye opener of how there is an abundance of undiscovered talent and how much they have to offer. Fashion in Georgia today is part of a larger movement in a creating a whole and collective identity for their country.