on feminism

My Mom and Dad always voiced that I could grow up to be anything I wanted to be. I never realised until I got older that there might have been some social or political restrictions to that from what media may (or may not) portray. 

Its no doubt this topic has been the highlight of 2017 so far. Following the Women’s march on Washington, Maria Grazia Chiuri couldn't have had a better time to showcase her debut collection for Dior and spell out her feminist views. Being the first female head for Dior, Chiuri's show was an expression of all things woman can be. From the monochromic uniforms, to the fencing ensembles, it was clearly a strong message to the public. 

In this day and age Fashion shouldn't only be about clothes, rather it can have a deeper message politically, or socially. “I believe in equal opportunity, that’s what the real meaning of feminist is for me, and probably for my generation” - Maria Grazia Chiuri. 

Here are some images showcasing some looks from the Dior runway for Ss17. 

Enjoy! X