Georgia On my Mind..

If I had to choose one Fashion Capital to visit out of the many in our world, hands down, it would be Tblisi, Georgia. The thing about Georgian designers is that they have the ability and the talent to dominate the Fashion world, and yet they choose to stay put because they believe that there is greater room for creativity and experimentation in their own hometown. RESPECT to that! Now with the newly appointed Georgian-born creative director of Balenciaga (former director of Vetements) he's finally putting Georgia on the map!

I can definitely relate to Georgian designers, solely due to their desire to push the boundaries of experimentation in all shapes, materials, and forms. Here,you’ll find images of my favorite items in my closet. These vests are made out of PU transparent leather, and they have been designed by none other than Tiko Paksashvili (currently designing for fashion house Materiel). The statement gem of a long coat is by Lado Bukochava, a designer that shook up Georgian Fashion through his avant-garde artistic designs, while managing to keep a commercial touch.

Here’s a list of 3 websites that stock Georgia’s finest, where you can shop and experience a completely unique and exceptional side to Fashion.

Enjoy! Xx