NYFW Looks

Taking a sentence right out of my latest travel post about NY: New Yorkers are probably the least judgmental people towards others’ dress sense and mannerisms. To each his own is a truly lived-byethos in the big apple, where everybody is free to express themselves in whatever form they wish.

In any circumstance, confidence is the most important aspect of fashion. Being amongst thousands of fish in the fashion sea, I've learnt nothing more than that one should always try to express themselves to their utmost, without having the slightest care of what anyone might think. Its more liberating than you think. Never look back and cringe at a certain time in your life, and trust that you were projecting what you felt at that point in time.

On this note, here are 5 looks from my fashion week blockbuster with all the D tales of course. X

Multi Layered Shirt Dress: Enfold http://www.enfold.jp/onlinestore/index.cfm