Munich To Berlin, Again And Again

My Husband is a big supporter of the German football team Bayern Munich, to the extent where he’s never missed a game in the last 16 years. Since his birthday was approaching, and I wanted to do something special, “ What could be better than to fly us to the team’s actual stadium and watch a live game?” To top it off, Munich holds the biggest Festival Europe has ever seen every October. We were lucky that it just so happened, that it was all happening at the same time, Z’s Birthday, a Bayern Game, and Oktoberfest!

Munich’s Oktoberfest is known for its massive amusement park, carnival rides, and the world's largest beer. We chose to stick to the rides before exploring one of the 200 beer tents, to avoid any chances of feeling sick. Based on certain unfortunate observations, we made the right choice!

After wrapping up Munich, we took the next flight out to Berlin where the most unexpected thing happened. The city took my breath away. Berlin is your best bet at reckoning with the past, and experiencing everything you’ve learned and read about in history books first hand. Yet somehow you don't fall too deep in the darker side of its history, instead you see it all in a new and beautiful light. It is a constantly changing city due to the continuous turn over of bars, restaurants, and open public spaces. And one thing you will discover, there is never enough time in Berlin, there is always so muchto do, somewhere to be and something to see. A hub where artists never go hungry, because there is so much inspiration around for the creative types to express themselves within their own talents.

This city’s big personality reflects through it’s hipster scene, Bohemia, funky shops, concept stores, stylish bars, and graffiti wall art. The most memorable part and the highlight of the trip was visiting Mauer park on a Sunday where there is flea market and so many activities to enjoy. The greatest one however is the Bearpit Karaoke, where hundreds of people gather around a small stone amphi-theatre that has a little battery powered speaker. People are chosen at random to get up and sing their hearts out, and they are either woo’ed or boo’ed off the stage. As much fun as it sounds the idea was nerve-wracking!

If you ever had second thoughts about visiting Berlin, my only advice to you is to ignore them and just go. With an open mind you will see nothing but inspiration all around you. Although we still have so many cities yet to visit, we’re counting the days to go back and do it the exact same way all over again.

Hopefully soon. Xx

Where to stay:
Gorki Apartements
Hotel Zoo Berlin
25 Hours Hotel Berlin
Hotel Adlon Kempinski

Where to eat: Berlin’s Top Restaurants
Hugos - Cuisine: French Meditteranean
Lutter & Wegner - Cuisine: Bavarian
Vau - Cuisine: German
Tim Rae - Thai Cuisine
Grill Royal - SteakHouse

What to do:
DDR Interactive Museum
Mount Mitte outdoor climbing Centre
Mauer Park on a Sunday
Berlin Wall
Biking around the city
Tiergarten park
Gendarmenmarkt market