New York, Never Gets Old.

Everyone who's had the pleasure of experiencing a September in New York, will probably say it is the best time of the year to visit. I will second that. Apart from the Fashion Week hype, its contagious energy, and the level of dynamism, autumn in New York was a truly refreshing experience. 

Coming from Dubai, commuting by foot is not a part of our daily life. So you can imagine my level of excitement when I opened my iPhone’s Health app at the end of each day to dictate my step count. From 925 steps a day in Dubai, to 27,000 in NY! I walked everywhere: From Central Park, Times Square, Madison Square Garden, Wall Street, the East Village and West Village, to SoHo and Noho.

I found inspiration all around and in every corner of this centre of creative expression. Home to all that are seeking opportunity, diversity, and inspiration, you cant help but realise how much New York has long been ahead of its time. Over and above, being in one of the Fashion capitals of the world DURING Fashion week, is another experience on its own. New Yorkers are probably the least judgmental people towards others' dress sense and mannerisms. "To each his own" is a truly lived-by ethos in the big apple, where everybody is free to express themselves in whatever form they wish. 

Lets not get started on the Food! All I can say is when you do visit NY, you need two things only: comfy shoes, and an appetite! Here’s a list of places to eat, stay and see based on my own taste and research for the city that will make your trip as closest to complete as possible. Enjoy! X


Where to Eat:

  • Jacks Wife Freda (Brunch)
  • Buvette (Brunch)
  • Ruby’s (Brunch)
  • Norma's (Breakfast)
  • Havana (Lunch)
  • ABC Kitchen (Lunch)
  • Hu Kitchen (Gluten free healthy food)
  • Bond Street Restaurant (Japanese)
  • The Spotted Pig (Lunch/ Dinner)
  • The Little Owl (Dinner)
  • Mercer Kitchen (Lunch/Dinner)
  • Umami Burger (Lunch)
  • The Fat Radish (Dinner)
  • Cha Cha Matcha (Coffee Shop)
  • Big Gay Ice-cream shop 

Stay options:

  • The NYC Edition (Midtown)
  • Sixty Soho (Soho)
  • Nomo Soho (Soho)
  • The Dream (Downtown)
  • The Standard (Meatpacking District)
  • The Ludlow (East Village)

Must Do's:

  • Coney Island
  • Fat Cat (Jazz Bar)
  • Chelsea Market (West Village)
  • MOMA
  • Whitney Museum of American Art (West Village)
  • Central park sunset
  • Broadway
  • Top of the Rock (Rockefeller)
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • The High Line
  • Williamsburg stroll