Sweet Nothingness for Days

A Seychelles minute seemed like 10, time was slow, but that was exactly what we needed. We needed to pause and take in every moment for a little while, because life on the Dubai train was too fast paced for us. Five months after giving birth, mama needed a break, and what I mean by a break is literally doing absolutely nothing, and just lazying about by a beach. Seychelles was only a 4 hour direct flight from Dubai, with no visas required, and to top it all off Valentines day was coming up. Lebanese passport holders will greatly appreciate my need to stress the “no visas required” point as that is an issue we suffer from all too often.

A short 3 day getaway, Seychelles was well worth every minute.

The best part was that it was even more beautiful than people said it would be, it was literally heaven on earth! Besides the crystal clear waters that surrounds this beautiful jungle island, the endless tilted palm trees, and the paradise beaches, I was fascinated by the gigantic granite rocks. Even though there were a lot of activities to be done in Seychelles, we chose to do nothing but take frequent dips in the indian ocean, eat, and take long walks by the beach through the granites. Nonetheless, I’ve listed a few activities for you incase you wish to explore the adventurous side, based on my own research of what I would have liked to do and see.

We stayed at The Banyan Tree which was built to resemble a tree house only much bigger and on the ground. Our private pool villa had a breathtaking view, where we would watch the sun go down every night. They have one of the best beaches on the island, not to mention the staff that was quite hospitable. This tale will not be enough to describe it, so I will let the photos do the rest of the talking.  Xx


Where to stay:
       The Banyan Tree
       The Four Seasons
       Anse Soleil Beachcomber
       Denis Private Island Resort

Where to eat:
       Café Des Arts
       Saffron Thai restaurant at The Banyan Tree
       Zez at The Four Seasons

What to do:
       Zip lining and Rock Climbing at Constance Ephelia.
       Visit Seychelles’ finest beach, Anse Major (accessible only by foot or fishing boat)
       Stroll through the botanical gardens and tea plantation in Victoria the capitol  
       Snorkelling at Sainte Anne Resort
       Visit Praslin and walk through the Seychelles “Garden of Eden”
       Take a half-day hike along the Seychellois National Park.